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Whew, well, I have just come back from my masonic lodge, and a very surreal moment occurred tonight.

I was elected by the brethren of the lodge to take over the reigns for the ensuing year. What does this mean? Quite simply, at our next meeting, I will be installed in to the chair of King Solomon, and made the Worshipful Master of Orphic Lodge

An occasion every mason aspires to get to,  and let me tell you, I have dreamed of this moment since the day I first walked into the lodge, blindfolded, about to take my first obligation as an Entered Apprentice. Its a very big step, a great honour,  and Its going to be awesome, I cant wait…

So, I have decided to talk a bit about masonry on my blog, starting with a poem, to dispel any myths you might have. Why? Because I am PROUD to be a Freemason.

The Real Freemasonry

By Bro Geoff Fox  (April 2004)

Leven Lodge #30 Ulverstone, Tasmania

Lodge Scotch College #80 Launceston, Tasmania


Many a man has asked the question

What is Freemasonry?

Is it a club or some devilish cult,

Full of conspiracies?

Some would have many to believe,

From lack of facts or deceit,

Freemasonry is filled with corruption

Standing at Satan’s feet;


That we band together in our buildings

To perform unholy rites

With sacrifices of goodness knows what

To satisfy Satan’s delights;

And we ride the goat and fund the terrorists

And we’re into major crime,

Brain washing the world to join our sect

Whether old or in their prime.


One must ponder these synthetic slurs

To the origin of their source:

Perhaps it is fear of the unknown

Or a vindictive course;

Maybe it‘s a generational thing,

Could be a religious view-

Whatever the case, it is totally unfounded,

Flawed and viciously untrue.


If only they knew of what is inside

Also of what is taught,

Then they would see the truth of it all

And of the man that is wrought.

Taking a good man and making him better

Is the motto of Freemasonry,

To serve his God with humbleness

And fellow man in charity.


A belief in one God, is absolute!

From this we will not sway

‘Tis the first step to our brotherhood

For those that seek the way

We accept all men – from all nations

Colour, disability and creed-

Honest, just and upright men

Are proper masons indeed.


Furthermore the emphasis

Is on priorities-

Family first, then comes work,

Finally Freemasonry.

Numerous lessons can be discovered

In charting the route of life:

If followed – stands a man in good stead

After his mortal life.


With principles so pure and so worthy,

May the slanderer’s hand be thwarted!

Let truth prevail above all else-

Freemasonry, be ever supported!