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I inserted the key…

Posted: February 11, 2010 in cars
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… and an almighty roar emitted from the twin exhausts, sending a shiver down my spine. My heart started palpitating as i depressed the accelerator, entered the road, the engine taunting me to teach the road a lesson.
at the traffic light, i waited, excited and nervous at the prospect. As the opposite light turned amber, I depressed the accelerator, reaching 4000 revs, the handbrake straining to let loose the beast. GREEN! handbrake dropped, and the force pushed me into the bucket seats, the all-wheel drive keeping this almighty machine straight as an arrow. WHAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
0-100km/hr in 3,6 seconds… hell yeah.
Ferrari? Porche?Lamboghini?Aston martin????? ha,, amateur cars…,
This is the one and only, the greatest sports car Ive ever driven.

DEFINITELY the happiest man alive!