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1996 was a memorable year for me… not only did I meet Nicole, who I started dating and many years later got married to… but got to meet and become friends with her awesome partner at Tech, Ondine. These two ladies were inseparable, a great paramedic team who conquered the roads and hearts of many. A friendship that has spanned 2 decades, and these two have stuck together through their happiest and saddest moments.

IMG-20150704-WA0005                                     IMG-20150704-WA0004

IMG-20150704-WA0003  IMG-20150704-WA0002

Many years later, Ondine introduced Nicole to the world of crossfit while dating her future husband, an addiction which they shared, and still do. I even had the privilege of taking the wedding pictures.

Ondine and Pierre started their own Crossfit Box, Crossfit Flaming Heart (CFH) in 2013, and in the two years since opening, built an awesome family of athletes and friends.

So, when Ondine was diagnosed with Lupus a few months ago, our hearts broke. Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own healthy tissues and organs. It attacks different body systems such as joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs.
Nicole and her fellow CFH ladies decided to pull together and show Ondine their love and support. A special WOD (Work-out Of the Day) was developed by the coaches

2  1

and today was planned, a complete surprise to Ondine


T-Shirts were made sporting the most distinctive sign of lupus,  a purple butterfly — This was adopted as the motif for Lupus Support due to a facial rash, resembling the wings of a butterfly, that commonly forms on the cheeks of Lupus sufferers,

4  5  6

… for the men…                                …. for the kids…                                   …. and for the ladies…


… the star guest arrived just in time for the WOD to begin, which consisted of…


… some running carrying your weights…


… over-the-bar burpees…

10  11



… and the WTF surprise Pierre added, holding yourself in a push-up position while your partner completed their sets..


… causing a few little smiles…


… in between the grimaces….


… and determined faces…


…. Is that praying in the background Martenize??…..


… an awesome and emotional morning finishing up with a healthy…


… and not so healthy breakfast.. (to increase the energy levels of course)..


… a family got together to support


a beautiful, strong and loved woman !