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Easter raffle

Posted: March 19, 2016 in Erin, Family, Uncategorized

It seems I have a little bit of luck when it comes to raffles. I’ve come home, much to the amusement of my family, with whiskey, brandy, braais, the odd phone or two every so often. So when the school held the Easter raffle, Erin was determined to win it. Her rules were very simple:

  1. Only daddy can enter
  2. Only daddy can write his name (absolutely no help) on each line
  3. Daddy can only fill in the form on the last day

So imagine our surprise when an excessively happy Erin got fetched yesterday from school.. Carrying (or being helped to carry) the raffle prize.

…A serious amount of chocolate…

Now if only I can get that luck working on the National Lottery